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Here, you will find a collective and comprehensive overview of all intact related materials available to the public.

We are a not for profit organisation with a goal of spreading awareness to the communities within Australia; to bring an end to the genital cutting of minors and to ensure genital autonomy for all.

Intact Australia serves to unify advocates for genital autonomy coming from a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, groups and current locations in life.

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Our Goal

We believe that all human beings, regardless of age, sex, gender, ethnicity, size, background, family, or ability to defend themselves, come into this world with the basic human right to genital autonomy. That is: to make personal decisions about what happens to our genitals in absence of medical necessity.

In short our goals are:

  • To raise awareness that all sexes have equal rights to their own bodies.
  • For Routine Infant Circumcision (RIC) to be illegal without a true medical need.
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The vast majority of intact males value and appreciate having been left intact and would never consider parting with their foreskin, however a small percentage of intact men decide to become circumcised for various reasons. For some, it may be to convert to a religion such as Judaism or Islam, even though it is not… Read More

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In the RACPs statement on Breastfeeding they recommend that: Where appropriate, they should encourage the development of local practice guidelines, in particular the introduction of the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative and the Baby Friendly Community Initiative, which increase the chance of successful breastfeeding. Peadiatricians should encourage the critical evaluation at each step in health care… Read More

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I was always suspicious of the claims that circumcision would prevent disease, despite many people close to me trying to convince me of this. To be honest I did wonder about the issue of cleanliness simply because I have never been with an uncut man before (and was oblivious to the fact that circumcised men… Read More

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  By: James Mac (This article was originally published in the Summer 2010 edition of Whole Woman Magazine) http://www.thewholenetwork.org/3/post/2010/12/a-journey-to-restoration.html I’m a regular guy who’s been blessed with good fortune in this life. Successful career, long and happy marriage, three wonderful children, and recently, a grandchild, good friends and have travelled extensively. Of course there’s always… Read More

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During the childhood years, a parent may notice a change in appearance of their son’s foreskin and be concerned that something is wrong or be concerned that he should be able to retract by a certain age. None of these are cause for alarm and in most cases, the best thing to do is nothing… Read More

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My name is Kelsey. On October 19th 2010 I gave birth to my first child, a boy. He surprised us all with his red hair, and his uncanny resemblance to my husband. He was perfect. I was thrilled to be his mother, and I knew it was my duty to do everything I could in… Read More

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Did you know..?

NO medical organisation in the world recommends Routine Infant Circumcision (RIC).

85% of men in the world are intact (not circumcised), and circumcision rates in Australia continue to drop every year.

111 circumcisions would be required to prevent 1 UTI because of the low base line risks of UTI, and only boys at high risk of recurrent UTI would benfefit from newborn circumcision.