A New Year Begins

It’s 2018, and so begins another year of genital autonomy advocacy for us. We are hopeful that this year, more boys will be protected from genital cutting because of the awareness we have spread through much hard work last year. Although infant circumcision rates have fallen to their lowest recorded level in Australia at 9.6%, they are still much higher than what we would like. This means that 9.6% of baby boys still need our voice to protect them this year.


During this last year, we had advertisements and editorials in magazines reaching hundreds of thousands of people. We went to the Gold Coast and had a stall at the Raising Happy Kids Expo, where we were able to interact with parents who had questions about intact care as well as talking about genital autonomy in general being a human right of all boys. It was also a great opportunity for the intact boys and men attending the expo to have the affirmation that their genitals are normal and having foreskin intact is something worth celebrating. Many more visit our website and Facebook page for the information they need, so overall we had a successful 2017.


In this coming year, we will continue to advertise and have editorials in magazines. We will continue to support our partners in Africa, particularly in Kenya and Uganda where they are fighting the toxic “Voluntary Male Medical Circumcision” campaigns. These boys and men are coerced and even hunted, to be forcefully circumcised under the false impression that they will be protected from HIV. Our African partners need our help to get accurate information to their communities.


We will support our American partners in raising genital autonomy awareness through various means of advertising, baby fairs, demonstrations and “on the road” awareness campaigns.  We will also be contacting Australian medical professionals, making sure that they know intact care, what is normal in a developing intact penis and that they do not recommend circumcision to parents when boys have nothing wrong at all or can be treated with alternative methods to circumcision.


Indeed, this will be another busy year – so many opportunities and ways for us to provide parents with information and to save children from unnecessary genital cutting.  We hope everyone has a wonderful New Year and is looking forward to all the positive changes we can achieve throughout 2018.