FGM and MGM a Comparison

Is there a double standard? Many people say it’s wrong to compare Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and Male Genital Mutilation (MGM) aka circumcision and that it trivializes it. Because, when it is performed on females there is no medical need for it, it won’t prevent anything unlike male circumcision (which is a false claim). Let’s… Read More

Men Circumcised As Adults

The vast majority of intact males value and appreciate having been left intact and would never consider parting with their foreskin, however a small percentage of intact men decide to become circumcised for various reasons. For some, it may be to convert to a religion such as Judaism or Islam, even though it is not… Read More

How Routine Infant Circumcision Impacts Breastfeeding

In the RACPs statement on Breastfeeding they recommend that: Where appropriate, they should encourage the development of local practice guidelines, in particular the introduction of the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative and the Baby Friendly Community Initiative, which increase the chance of successful breastfeeding. Peadiatricians should encourage the critical evaluation at each step in health care… Read More

A Mother’s Regret

I was always suspicious of the claims that circumcision would prevent disease, despite many people close to me trying to convince me of this. To be honest I did wonder about the issue of cleanliness simply because I have never been with an uncut man before (and was oblivious to the fact that circumcised men… Read More