What must you do to care for my intact penis? Absolutely nothing.


The foreskin is tightly attached to the glans (head) much like the finger nail to the finger to prevent bacteria from getting in and causing infections. Pulling off your finger nail would be very painful so you can imagine how painful it would be to retract the foreskin.

Forceful retraction can be the cause of adhesions, scar tissue and infections. A recent Dutch study showed that the foreskin is not retractable until the average age of 10.6 years. Although some do retract on their own before and after this age, some as early as 3 and as late as 17. Foreskin retraction is spontaneous and has no exact time as to when it should be retractable.

Caring for your son’s Intact Penis is simple. When intact do NOT retract. Only clean what is seen, wipe like a finger.

It is that simple!
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